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Our process

We upcycle beer bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles and spirit bottles to create the glasses for our candles. Upcycling involves taking waste (in our case empty beer, wine and champagne bottles) and creating something new and innovative from it. The creations involve a wide variety of techniques and materials to create the finished product.


The process involves: 

1. Collection of beer, wine and champagne bottles

2. Cleaning and removing bottle labels

3. Hand cutting each bottle individually to specified heights

4. Sand, polish and sanitising every bottle

5. Hand melt and pouring the fragrance infused wax

6. Setting the candle


At hourglass, sustainability is our number one priority, alongside creating the highest quality products. We are a minimal waste company, where all discards are used through out our projects, such as wax and wick ends reused. Our candles are made from the highest quality natural soy wax blend, providing an unbelievably clear, timeless burn. The wax used in all of our candles are kosher. We do not use palm wax in any of our products.

As each candle is individually handcrafted, each candle is therefore unique and may slightly differ from each other.

We believe in reuse, recycle and upcycle, to help create a brighter future for our world! 

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